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dc.creatorEminović, Fadilj
dc.creatorKljajić, Dragana
dc.description.abstractSpinal cord injury affects physical, psychological, social and professional functioning, and often occurs suddenly and completely changes life. Sports activities affect motivation but also improve motor and functional abilities. Application of sports activities must be dosed, respecting the principles of training and physical abilities of people with spinal cord injury. The aim of this study was to determine whether application of sports activities improves level of some motor abilities (upper extremity) - maximal muscle hand grip force, flexibility of shoulders, speed (speed of reaction and frequency of movements) and precision. The study included 44 participants of both gender with spinal cord injury - paraplegia, 26 participants were athletes and 18 were nonathletes. A specially designed questionnaire, medical documentation and tests for motor abilities were used for this study. For testing difference between groups Χ2- test was used, and for determination of difference between groups of variables multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) was used. Within the group of males, athletes had significantly higher levels of motor abilities compared to non-athletes (maximal muscle hand grip force p = 0.000; flexibility of shoulders-absolute p = 0.027 and relative p=0.038; speed of reaction p = 0.000 and frequency of movement p = 0.025). Within the group of female, athletes were significantly different from non-athletes in relation to maximal muscle hand grip force (p = 0.023), speed of reaction (p = 0.000), frequency of movements (p = 0.000) and precision (p = 0.026). Application of sports activities for 2-3 times a week significantly improves motor abilities in people with spinal cord injury after rehabilitation.en
dc.publisherNova Science Publishers, Inc.
dc.sourcePhysical Activity Effects on the Anthropological Status of Children, Youth and Adults
dc.subjectApplied physical exerciseen
dc.subjectMotor abilitiesen
dc.subjectSpinal cord injuryen
dc.titleEffects of applied physical exercise on the motor abilities of people with spinal cord injuryen
dc.citation.other: 129-160

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