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      A literature review on techniques of treating people with autism spectrum disorder during dental procedures [1]
      Acoustic analysis of voice and speech in adults with spastic dysarthria [1]
      Analysis of pragmatic abilities in school children [1]
      Application of training technology programs and dosed, planned, physical activities for cardiovascular patients with implanted coronary stents [1]
      Approaches and methods in the quality of prison life assessing - measuring social and moral climate in prisons [1]
      Approaches and Models in Special Education and Rehabilitation [1]
      Behavioral aspect of working memory in children with specific language impairment [1]
      Characteristics of certain aspects of social participation of persons with rheumatoid arthritis [1]
      Disability in a family as a factor for developing attitude towards deaf and hard of hearing students in inclusive education [1]
      Educational needs of children with rare diseases and long-term home ventilation (smard1) - case study [1]
      Factors relevant to social participation in primary school students with cerebral palsy in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Handwriting speed students of lower grades of elementary school [1]
      Interventions for return to work of persons with spinal cord injury [1]
      Lexical-semantic processing of nouns in preschool children [1]
      Longitudinal Research of Motor Development - The Possibility of Applying Different Statistical Methods [1]
      Modern approach to neuropsychological assessment as a predictor of computerized cognitive rehabilitation [1]
      Nedović Goran, Eminović Fadilj: Approaches and models in special education and rehabilitation, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Belgrade, 2020 [1]
      Neurorehabilitation in patients with traumatic brain injury [1]
      Psychotherapy as a supportive method in defectological treatment [1]
      Quantitative indicators of upper extremity muscle potential in individuals with spinal cord injury - paraplegia: a pilot study [1]