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      Acoustic characteristics of speech as success predictor of vocal rehabilitation of persons with laryngectomy [1]
      Adaptive behavior of persons with visual impairment [1]
      Adaptivno ponašanje osoba sa oštećenjem vida [1]
      Akustičke karakteristike govora kao prediktor uspešnosti vokalne rehabilitacije osoba sa laringektomijom [1]
      Alternative kratkotrajnim kaznama zatvora [1]
      Alternatives to short-term prison sentences [1]
      Analogni oblici izražavanja u specifičnom jezičkom funkcionisanju gluvih i nagluvih [1]
      Analogue forms of expression in the specific linguistic functioning of deaf [1]
      Balance assesment and risk from falling among elderly people [1]
      Basic academic skills of children with developmental coordination disorder [1]
      Bazične akademske veštine dece sa razvojnim poremećajem koordinacije [1]
      Capacity of digital technology in development of an inclusive society [1]
      Changes of attitudes toward students with Down syndrome using the programs of indirect contact [1]
      Characteristics of participation of children with cerebral palsy [1]
      Characteristics of speech and voice as predictors of the quality of communication in adults with dysarthria [1]
      Child neglect and abuse in Serbia - phenomenology, etiology and social reaction [1]
      Children with developmental delay in regular preschool groups:new procedures of identification, assessment and support [1]
      Cognitive consequences of early brain injury in children with cerebral palsy and normal intelligence [1]
      Cognitive learning styles of adolescents with dyslexia [1]
      Comparative analysis of phonological abilities in children with specific language impairment and children with typical language development [1]