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      Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy-Related Inflammation (CAA-rI): Three Heterogeneous Case Reports and a Focused Literature Review [1]
      Cerebral edema in drug addicts [1]
      Cerebralna paraliza - praksičke i kognitivne funkcije [1]
      Cerebralno oštećenje vida - dijagnostički kriterijumi i elementi tretmana [1]
      Cerebrovascular disease in patients with cognitive impairment: A white paper from the ESO dementia committee - A practical point of view with suggestions for the management of cerebrovascular diseases in memory clinics [1]
      Certain aspects of pragmatic deficits in persons with autistic spectrum disorders [1]
      Challenges and opportunities of social inclusion roman children in educational system [1]
      Challenges in modeling and application of new generation of bionic hand [1]
      Challenges in recidivism risk assessment in prison sentenced convicts [2]
      Challenges in supporting victims of human trafficking in Serbia [1]
      Challenges of adult users of hearing amplification during the Covid-19 pandemic [1]
      Challenges of planning of the university education of special educators for work with Roma children [1]
      Challenging behavior: Behavioral phenotypes of some genetic syndromes [1]
      Challenging behaviour in children with mild intellectual disability [1]
      Change in teaching approach as a prerequisite for participation of students with disabiliites in mainstream classes [1]
      Changes in motor abilities and functioning in children and adults with physical disabilities under the influence of physical activities: a systematic review study [1]
      Changes in student behavior after school re-opening: teachers’ perception [1]
      Changes in the quality of pronunciation of vowels in deaf children after cochlear implantation [1]
      Changes of concepts of the child in Serbian culture in the past twenty-five years [1]
      Characterictics of the vandalistic behaviors [1]