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      Habilitation and special education in children with autism [1]
      Half-empty or half-full glass: The impact of sociodemographic variables and type of disability on optimism of persons with physical and sensory impairments [1]
      Hand grip scaling in defining risk factors when using authorized physical force [1]
      Handwriting difficulty as a determinant of writing speed [1]
      Handwriting speed students of lower grades of elementary school [1]
      Happiness and juvenile delinquency: Results of ISRD3 in the countries of the former Yugoslavia [1]
      Hate crimes and normative regulation [1]
      Health care quality for persons with intellectual disabilities [1]
      Health care quality for persons with intellectual disbilities [1]
      Health care social support to blind adolescents and their families [1]
      Health Condition and Quality of Life in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury [1]
      Health problems of convicted persons in prisons [1]
      Health-related quality of life assessment in Serbian schoolchildren hospitalized for malignant disease [1]
      Hearing age as a factor of linguistic skills development in children using cochlear implant or hearing aids [1]
      Hearing impairment influence on the development of phonemic hearing [1]
      Hearing loss and hearing amplification: An important etiological factor in the assessment of mental disorders [1]
      Hearing loss caused by aging – presbyacusis [1]
      Hearing measurements of voices of patients before and after voice microsurgery [1]
      Heidelberg Retina Tomography II parameters in evaluating high- and normal- pressure glaucoma progression [1]
      Help me tell you what realy happend: Forensic Interview with Children Victims and Witnesses [1]