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      A literature review on techniques of treating people with autism spectrum disorder during dental procedures [1]
      A model of internalized stigma in parents of individuals with disabilities [1]
      A new position of scientist in social science [1]
      A snapshot of illicit firearm-trafficking and gun violence in Serbia [1]
      A square of mathematical knowledge at the children with intellectual disabilities [1]
      A study of the Implementation of a Legal Framework for Supporting Children with Disabilities in Regular School [1]
      A telemedical approach to the hearing assessment [1]
      Abduction of a minor and criminal law reaction [1]
      Abilities of keeping attention and expressing hyperactivity and impulsiveness depending on the child being male or female [1]
      Ability of attention and memory in students with cerebral palsy and students of typical development [1]
      Ability of phonogical processing in children With dyslexia [1]
      Ability of speech production and comprehension in children with developmental language disorder [1]
      Absolute end of an expression As the phonetic position [1]
      Academic attainment and peer conflict resolution [1]
      Academic resilience in deaf and hard of haring students [1]
      Academic resilience in deaf and hard of hearing students [1]
      Academic self-regulation in students with mild intellectual disability [1]
      Acceptance of high school students with visual impairments by their peers – differences in self-assessment of boys and girls – [1]
      Accessibility of cultural institutions and sports centers for persons with disabilities [1]
      Accessibility of schools to students with developmental disabilities [1]