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      c-MYC activation impairs the NF-kappa B and the interferon response: Implications for the pathogenesis of Burkitt's lymphoma [1]
      C-myc misregulation triggers complex process of genomic instability [1]
      CAC model procene maloletnika [1]
      Calendar systems and communication of deaf-blind children [1]
      Can Mild Bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss Affect Developmental Abilities in Younger School-Age Children? [1]
      Capability for participation in school activities children with cerebral palsy [1]
      Capacities for resilience of adolescents with difficulties in emotional and social development [1]
      Capacity of digital technology in development of an inclusive society [1]
      Caracteristics of linguistic disorders in persons with vascular dementia [1]
      Características de modelo de la estructura corporal de las estudiantes de la Facultad de educación especial y rehabilitación (FASPER) medidas por el método de impedancia bioeléctrica multicanal [1]
      Carski rez kao kompromitujući faktor u psihomotornom razvoju dece [1]
      Case study: assessing reading skills in a student with learning disabilities and implementation of direct instruction learning [1]
      Cataplexy in a patient treated for prolactinoma: Case report [1]
      CD22 regulates early B cell development in BOB.1/OBF.1-deficient mice [1]
      Centar za inkluzivno obrazovanje [1]
      Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy-Related Inflammation (CAA-rI): Three Heterogeneous Case Reports and a Focused Literature Review [1]
      Cerebral edema in drug addicts [1]
      Cerebral palsy – what does the literature tell us about the Complexity of this condition? [1]
      Cerebralna paraliza - praksičke i kognitivne funkcije [1]
      Cerebralna paraliza – šta nam literatura govori o složenosti ovog stanja? [1]