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      Walk characteristics among younger and older groups of patients with Parkinson's disease [1]
      War and Crime as a Source of Moral Renewal and Unity – Republican Heritage and its Transformation Into a Work of Emile Durkheim [1]
      What can be done with treatment of attention deficits in persons with visual impairments? [1]
      What do special educators for visually impaired persons in Serbia think about inclusive education and how well are they informed? [1]
      What drives us to be (ir)responsible for our health during the COVID-19 pandemic? The role of personality, thinking styles, and conspiracy mentality [2]
      What kind of probation system we need? [1]
      What we can do to enlarge social closeness of Roma and non-Roma students on fasper and Psychology study group [1]
      When a victim becomes violent perpetrator: Violent victimization in childhood, violent criminal behavior in adulthood [1]
      When two are harder to recognize than one: challenges in understanding and identifying twice-exceptionality [1]
      White-collar crime and capacities for its prevention [1]
      Who Assuages Feelings of Guilt? Moral Neutralization of Juvenile Delinquents in Serbia [1]
      Why are the developmental disturbances an issue in psychology? The question of IQ stability in children with specific learning disorders [1]
      Why contemporary children and adults like fairytales [1]
      Why criminal behavior of chronic delinquents could be even strengthen after forensic treatment? [1]
      Why do Treatment Failure and Recurrences of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Occur? [1]
      Williams syndrome – phenotypical and developmental specificities [1]
      With no way out and with no allies: Riots in French 'banlieues' [1]
      Women and children as victims and offenders: The impact of armed conflict and post-conflict period challenges [1]
      Women in the European Stroke Organisation: One, two, many… – A Top Down and Bottom Up approach [1]
      Word recognition in speach audiometry [1]