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      Pad u socijalizaciji na prelazu iz razredne u predmetnu nastavu u inkluziji [1]
      Pamćenje i uspešnost u matematici kod dece sa lakom intelektualnom ometenošću [1]
      Pamćenje kao prediktor u nastavi matematike kod dece s lakom intelektualnom ometenošću [1]
      Paralinguistic abilities of adults with intellectual disability [2]
      Paralinguistic aspects of pragmatic abilities in adults with intellectual disability [1]
      Parametri kognitivne pristupačnosti platformi za učenje namenjenih osobama sa autizmom [1]
      Parent participation in transition planning process for students With disabilities [1]
      Parent participation in transition planning process for students with disabilities [1]
      Parent perceptions about autism spectrum disorder as a factor related to treatment choice [1]
      Parent-teacher interactions, family stress, well-being, and parental depression as contributing factors to parental involvement mechanisms in education of children with autism [2]
      Parental and environmental attitudes Towards deaf children [1]
      Parental discipline as a tool for problem behaviors prevention [1]
      Parental locus of control and its relationship with socio-demographic variables in mothers of children with motor disabilities and children with intellectual disability [1]
      Parental Stress of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder During the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19): Experience from Serbia [1]
      Parental supervision and control as a factor of juvenile delinquency in Serbia: Results of the International Self-Report Delinquency Study [1]
      Parental support as a determinant in mastering history program in students with mild intellectual disability [1]
      Parenting and externalising problems in adolescents: results of factor analysis [2]
      Parenting influence on social competence in adolescents with and without intellectual disability [1]
      Parenting stress in hearing impaired children [1]
      Parents And families of children With disability As A factor of Successful early intervention [1]