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      Lacunarity properties of nanophotonic materials based on poly(methyl methacrylate) for contact lenses [1]
      Laganje dece u krivičnom postupku [1]
      Laka intelektualna ometenost – razvojne determinante i mogućnosti tretmana [1]
      Laka intelektualna ometenost-kognitivne i bihejvioralne specifičnosti [1]
      Language abilities in elderly persons of the normal aging [1]
      Language abilities of dyslexic children [1]
      Language comprehension in children with specific language disorders and changes in electroencephalographic activities: A preliminary investigation [1]
      Language disorders in children with closed head injury [1]
      Language disorders in dementia: common and differential Characteristics [1]
      Language elements conveying some extra informations about speaker [1]
      Language of the deaf-psycholinguistic perspective [1]
      Language Outcomes in Serbian Speaking Children with Traumatic Brain Injury [1]
      Laterality and bioelectric brain activity as possible indicators of stuttering in children [1]
      Lateralizovanost i bioelektrična aktivnost mozga kao mogući pokazatelji mucanja kod dece [1]
      Lateralizovanost i neurofiziološki indikatori kao mogući Pokazatelji nastanka mucanja kod dece [1]
      Law on prevention of Domestic violence – limitations and risks [1]
      Learning difficulties: theories and new evidences [1]
      Learning disability or mental retardation: conceptual and linguistic issues [1]
      Learning mediums for children with Visual impairment [1]
      Learning mediums for children with visual impairment [1]