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      Facebook phenomenon among the hearing impaired youth [1]
      Facilitatory and Inhibitory Effects of Personality Traits on Syllogistic Reasoning [1]
      Factor structure of internet addiction test for students in senior grades of elementary school [1]
      Factor structure of secondary school student's behaviour [1]
      Factor structure of situational assessment in persons with mild intellectual disabilities [1]
      Factor structure of the scales for the assessment of the attitudes to persons with intellectual disability [1]
      Factor structure of the Serbian version of the Children's Communication Checklist-2 [1]
      Factors affecting employers attitudes towards employment of persons with intellectual disabilities [1]
      Factors affecting teachers' attitudes towards inclusion of students with autism spectrum disorder in Bosnia and Herzegovina [2]
      Factors cobntributing to auditory capacity of cochlerar implanted children [1]
      Factors contributing to communication skills development in cochlear implanted children [1]
      Factors of a sense of school belonging: Bronfenbrenner's theoretical model as a starting framework for interpretation [1]
      Factors of behavioural problems and types of housing of persons with intellectual disability [1]
      Factors of social participation of children with cerebral palsy [1]
      Factors of successful movement coordination in students with mild intellectual disability [1]
      Factors Related to Personal Resiliency in Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Adolescents [1]
      Factors relevant to social participation in primary school students with cerebral palsy in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Factors that affect the involvement of parents in the educational process of children with an autism spectrum disorder [1]
      Factors which influence the attitudes of the higher-grade students of elementary school scheme toward the deaf and hard of hearing students in inclusive education [1]
      Fairytales understanding based on sign language and verbal and written production [1]