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      "Naša priča” – Program podrške roditeljima dece sa smetnjama u razvoju: primer dobre prakse u predškolskim ustanovama [1]
      "Our story" - Support program for parents of children with disabilities example of good practice in preschool institutions [1]
      Aggressive behavior, protective factors and academic achievement at students inside and outside the system of institutional care [1]
      Agresivno ponašanje, zaštitni čimbenici i školsko postignuće učenika izvan i unutar sustava institucionalne skrbi [1]
      Applicability of the developmental coordination disorder questionnaire for children in Serbia [1]
      Assessment of family functioning functioning in families of patients on methadone maintenance treatment [1]
      Assistive technology and leisure time of visually impaired students at the university of Zagreb [1]
      Attitudes and motivation of deaf and hard of hearing students for studying [1]
      Attitudes of employees toward offenders sentenced to community service [1]
      Attitudes of parents of typically developing children towards the inclusion of children with disabilities [1]
      Behavioral characteristic of deaf and hard of hearing students and students of typical development in the educational process [1]
      Blind adolescents birth order as a determinant of their perception of family functioning dimensions [1]
      Changes of attitudes toward students with down syndrome using the program of imagined contact [1]
      Characteristics of communication profiles of children with, autistic spectrum disorder and their parents [1]
      Characteristics of interaction between parents and children with visual impairment at preschool age [1]
      Characteristics of Internet use as a means of perceived stress reduction in health care students [1]
      Characteristics of tracheoesophageal voice and speech in laryngectomized patients after primary and secondary application of vocal prosthesis [1]
      Characteristics,ethiology and assessment of sexual offending in persons with intellectual disability [1]
      Children with special educational needs in Republic of Slovenia from 2005 to 2011 [1]
      Clinical and cognitive characteristics of Angelman syndrome [1]